What is a Sponsored Residential Service Provider?

Sponsored Residential providers are individuals or families who desire to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Individuals are carefully matched to a family wishing to open their home to provide care and compassion. For families, Sponsored Residential is a significant commitment with significant rewards. For individuals, Sponsored Residential is the opportunity to live the everyday family life that fosters relationships community living.

By contracting with Bridges of Virginia, families receive the specialized training necessary to provide compassionate, home based support to individuals.  Sponsored Residential provider families are held to strict standards in order to ensure that individuals are receiving the highest level of care. Bridges of Virginia will provide 24/7 crisis care, ongoing respite support and personalized training from their contract manager. Contract Sponsors receive a generous stipend consisting of 72% of the DMAS Rates (shown below) and monthly monies for room and board.

  • Tier 1-$131.98 per day
  • Tier 2-$180.98
  • Tier 3- $232.60
  • Tier 4-$301.19


Bridges of Virginia supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have a wide range of abilities and areas in which they need support. It is our goal to find the perfect home for our individuals; a home in which they can prosper and grow and where they are welcomed as a member of the family.


Bridges of Virginia has family homes throughout Virginia. Each family home offers different areas of specialty, has different layouts and works on meeting individual needs.

What Does A Sponsored Residential Service Provider Do?

The responsibilities of a Sponsored Residential Service Provider vary depending on the level of support required by the individual. Examples of support include assistance with bathing, transportation, scheduling and attending appointments, household tasks, behavior supports and other activities of daily living. All Sponsored Residential Service Providers are trained by Bridges of Virginia to ensure they are competent in completing the daily record keeping required by Virginia.

Bridges of Virginia’s Sponsored Residential Service Providers are all monitored closely and we ensure that each consumer is receiving the highest level of care.

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