Supervised Living

Bridges of Virginia treats each person as an individual; we respect their life goals and what is important to them. Bridges of Virginia strives to make everyone’s life rich and meaningful and the Supervised Living services that we provide occur in a person’s apartment or home and provides around the clock availability of staff services by Direct Support Professionals who have the ability to respond in a timely manner. Our Supervised Living Supports enable a supported person to acquire, retain, or improve skills to live successfully in their home and community.

Generally, up to three people can share a Supervised Living home.  Each person has their own bedroom and they have a voice in choosing their living setting and roommates. Supported people may share living expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries.

young spastic male infantile cerebral palsy patient caused by birth complications sitting in a multifunctional wheelchair listening to music on headphones aided by a carer smiling with pleasure